Copy Clip to Clipboard

The Copy Clip to Clipboard button is available on the collection toolbar, except when the Clipboard tab is active.

Click the Copy Clip to Clipboard button or press Shift+Ctrl+C on the keyboard to place the selected clip onto the Windows clipboard. You can then paste the clip into another application to use the clip's text in that application. Or, you can paste the clip back into AceText to duplicate it.

If several clips and/or folders are selected, all of them will be copied onto the Windows clipboard. All of them can be pasted into AceText with the Paste as New Clip command. When pasting into another application, however, only the active clip will be pasted. The active clip is the one of which the text is visible in the AceText Editor. If a folder is active, nothing can be pasted into another application.

Note that the shortcut for copying the entire clip is Shift+Ctrl+C. The regular copy shortcut Ctrl+C copies the selected part of the control that has keyboard focus. E.g. if you are editing the clip's label, Ctrl+C will copy the selected part of the label.

Instead of using copy and paste to duplicate clips in AceText, you can use the Duplicate Clips button to duplicate the clips in one action, without using the Windows clipboard.

See Manage and Arrange Text and Look up and Reuse Text to learn how to use AceText.