Merge Clips

The Merge Clips button is only available on the collection toolbar when the ClipHistory tab, the All Collections tab, or an AceText Collection tab is active.

Click the Merge Clips button on the collection toolbar or press Ctrl+G on the keyboard to merge or group all selected clips into a single clip. The selected clips will be deleted and replaced with the merged clip.

When you click the Merge Clips button or press Ctrl+G, you will be asked which characters, if any, you want to use to delimit the pieces of text from the original clips in the merged clip. You can select one of the common delimiters, or type in whatever text you want to use as a delimiter. If you do not use a delimiter, the pieces of text are put into the merged clip one right after the other, without any space between them.

Click the downward pointing arrow next to the Merge Clips button to quickly merge clips using one of the common delimiters.

See Manage and Arrange Text to learn how to use AceText.