AceText Editor

If you clicked the AceText Tower button in the main toolbar to show the AceText Tower, you can hide the AceText Editor by clicking the AceText Editor button in the main toolbar. Click the AceText Editor button again to show the AceText Editor window again. Another way to toggle the visibility of the AceText Editor is to press the F8 key on the keyboard. If the editor is already visible, press the F9 key to move the keyboard focus to the editor.

The AceText Editor is AceText's main window. When you start AceText the very first time, only the AceText Editor will appear.

The AceText Editor shows the main toolbar, a row of tabs, the active tab page, and a status bar. When the AceText Tower is hidden, as it is by default, all tab pages except the Clipboard tab page, show a list of clips at the left hand side, and the contents of the clip at the right hand side. When the AceText Tower is visible, the AceText Editor only shows the contents of the clip.