SequencePaste Up And Down

Click the SequencePaste Up or Down button on the main toolbar, or press Shift+F5 (up) or F5 (down) on the keyboard, to activate SequencePaste mode. The mode is indicated by the SequencePaste button on the toolbar, which remains depressed. The AceText icon next to the system clock also indicates SequencePaste mode.

In SequencePaste mode, AcePaste works differently. Rather than popping up AceText for you to select the clip, AcePaste will automatically send the active clip to the application you are working with. The active clip is the one being displayed in AceText's window (regardless whether the window is actually visible). After the clip is sent to the application, either the clip above it in the collection, or the one below it is made active, depending on the direction of SequencePaste.

If you press the AcePaste hotkey while SequencePaste is not active, you can activate SequencePaste while AceText is waiting for you to select the clip to be pasted. Doing so will immediately paste the selected clip, and activate the next clip in the sequence.

If only a single clip is selected in the list, SequencePaste will cycle through all the clips in the collection. When the end is reached, AceText activates the first clip again. If two or more clips are selected, SequencePaste will cycle through the selected clips only.

While SequencePaste is active, you can make a different selection to change which clips SequencePaste cycles through, without having to deactivate and reactivate SequencePaste.

To deactivate SequencePaste, click the SequencePaste Up or Down button again. If you click the button that is not the one you activated SequencePaste with, the direction of SequencePaste is changed.

SequencePaste makes it easy to paste many pieces of text in quick succession. E.g. when filling out an order form, you usually have to enter your name, address, etc. in the same order. If you prepare an AceText collection with those items, you can select them and activate SequencePaste to quickly paste each item in the corresponding field on the order form.

On the ClipHistory tab, SequencePaste has an extra feature: if you copy one or more items to the clipboard while SequencePaste is active, AceText will select those items as the new sequence to be pasted. This way you can copy and paste series of items between two applications, without switching to AceText. With SequencePaste active, switch to the first application, copy a bunch of items, switch to the second application, and paste those items. Switch back to the first application to copy some more items. If you then start pasting again in the second application, only the second batch of items will be pasted. If you used SequencePaste Up, the items will be pasted in the order that you copied them. If you used SequencePaste Down, the items will be pasted in reverse order.