Click the Calendar button in the lower right corner of the AceText Editor to show a calendar to filter clips by date. The calendar will appear below the clip tree. By default, only one month is visible on the calendar. You can make it show multiple months by making the clip tree wider or by making the calendar taller by dragging the splitter between the calendar and the clip tree.

If one or more clips in the current collection bear a certain date, that date will be indicated in bold on the calendar. Click on a date to show the clips having that date. All other clips will be hidden. To show clips for a range of dates, click on the first date, and then hold down the Shift key while you click on the last date in the range.

Click on the small left and right arrow icons around the header of the first month in the calendar to make the calendar go one month back or forward in time.

Click the calendar button again to hide the calendar. All clips will immediately become visible again.