Manage and Arrange Text

Once you've added a sizeable number of clips to a collection, arranging the clips inside the collection or moving them between collections will enable you to access and the clips much faster. When clips are arranged logically, you can select them directly from the list, without having to search for them (even though AceText makes searching quick and flexible).

Group clips into folders

If a collection contains a large number of clips, grouping the clips into folders makes it easier to look up clips later. Just like arranging files in folders makes it easy to find the correct file later. To place clips in a folder, select those and click the New Folder button. Then type in the name of the folder. If you do not select two or more clips first, an empty folder will be created. Either way, you can add more clips to the folder later.

Move clips between folders

To move one or more clips from one folder into another, select the clips in the list. Then click on the clips, hold the mouse button down, and drag them to the other folder. Either drop them onto the folder itself, or on one of the clips already inside that folder. You can also place folders inside other folders this way.

Change the order of clips

Clips are easier to find if they are stored in a logical order. The easiest way is to just click the Sort Alphabetically button. AceText will then automatically keep all clips and folders in alphabetic order. If you prefer to manually order the clips, use the Move Up and Move Down buttons, or drag and drop them with the mouse.

Move clips between collections

Click the Move Clips button to move the selected clips and/or folders into another collection. If the selected clips and folders are inside one or more folders, the same folder structure will be created in the collection you are moving the clips into. You can also move clips with drag and drop. If you drop them onto a tab, the clips will be moved into the other collection just like the Move Clips button does. Or, you can move the mouse pointer over a tab while dragging, wait a brief moment for the tab to become active, and then drop the clips in a specific location in that collection.

Combine clips

To combine multiple clips into a single clip, select them and click the Merge Clips button. You will be given a choice of delimiters to separate the original clips in the combined clip. Another way is to copy a clip to the clipboard, delete it, and then paste its text inside another clip.

Split clips

If a clip contains several sections of text that would be useful on their own, you can split those off into new clips. Select part of the clip's text, and select the Move Text into New Clip command. Repeat to split off several parts. Or use the Split Clips button to split clips along specific delimiters or regular expressions.