Extending the Windows Clipboard

AceText extends the Windows clipboard, enabling you to copy and paste like never before.

The Windows clipboard holds only one piece of text at a time. AceText holds as many as you want (a thousand by default) in the ClipHistory. Whenever you cut or copy text, AceText captures it into its ClipHistory. AceText saves the ClipHistory even when you reboot your computer. Never again lose text you copied to the clipboard.

Double-click any clip in the ClipHistory to quickly paste it anywhere you want. Turn on SequencePaste to quickly paste many clips in succession. Rapidly transfer data from one application to another by first copying all snippets in the first application, and then pasting everything into the second with SequencePaste. Or use AcePaste to quickly paste anything you copied in the past day, week or month.

Configure the ClipHistory on the Operation page in the Preferences screen.