Edit Complex Documents Quickly and Easily

Use AceText as a temporary storage pad during complex text editing tasks. Never again lose an important chunk of your document because you copied something to the Windows clipboard, deleting the text you copied a minute ago which you forgot to paste first. AceText keeps everything you copy to the clipboard in its ClipHistory, transparently extending the Windows clipboard. Use AcePaste to quickly select and paste any text clipping from the ClipHistory.

If your computer has a large monitor, you can split AceText into the AceText Tower and AceText Editor, and tile them on the screen with the word processor or other application you're working with. Then you can easily move text about between AceText and the other software with copy and paste or drag and drop. Store text as a new clip in AceText, or insert it in the middle of another clip. AceText has a full-featured text editor built-in, enabling you to conveniently prepare or edit snippets before adding them to your document.