Quickly Respond to Email with Informative Replies

Send courteous and informative reply emails faster than you used to send out brief responses. Impress people with complete sentences without cryptic abbreviations when chatting or instant messaging, without slowing down or getting your fingers in a bind. The trick is to keep email and messaging templates in AceText.

Next time you receive an email with a question you may get again later on, write a polite and comprehensive reply. Before sending it off, copy your response into AceText, and label it with a recap of the question. If you're busy, simply copy the response to the clipboard. Later, retrieve the message from the ClipHistory, and file it with your collection of email templates.

Now, whenever you get the same question, send out the same helpful reply with just a few mouse clicks, or a quick search in AceText. Use AcePaste to directly paste the message into your email software or web-based email. Never again type in the same message twice. Reduce follow-up questions and impress your correspondents with clear and complete answers.

There are no limits or restrictions to the number of boilerplate messages you can create. Easily organize them in collections and folders. The instant full-text search helps you to quickly find the exact message you need.

Send personalized responses by creating a variety of templates with greetings, signatures, etc. Create separate templates for each question, containing only the answer to that question. Then when you reply to a message, you can quickly compose an individual response by selecting several message parts in AceText, providing exactly the information your customer was looking for. If you paste your reply in-line with the email you received, rather than bottom-quoting the entire message, people won't even know they got a standard reply.

Make people feel valued by personalizing your replies with parameters such as %FIRSTNAME%. AceText will substitute them as often as you like. Type in frequently changing parameters just once, or permanently store rarely changing parameters for automatic substitution.