Use Colorful Messages Instead of Cryptic Abbreviations when Chatting

Send courteous and informative reply emails faster than you used to send out brief responses. Impress people with complete sentences without cryptic abbreviations when chatting or instant messaging, without slowing down or getting your fingers in a bind. The trick is to keep email and messaging templates in AceText.

When instant messaging or chatting, prepare colorful messages such as "I'll be back in a minute. Don't be a stranger now!" and assign them AceType abbreviations such as "brb". When chatting, press the AceType hotkey and type "brb" to send out the colorful note instead of the boring acronym, using only one additional key press. Impress people with your courteous or funny messages, with little or no extra effort.

Use multiple AceText collections with the same abbreviations but different messages, for different days of the week, moods or weather conditions. Bring variety and brighten up the day of your correspondents!

Make people feel valued by personalizing your messages, such as frequently mentioning their name or company. Enter a few personal details in parameters before or during the start of the chat, and instantly reuse them during the chat, even as part of longer messages. Never embarrass yourself by mistyping your contact's name or getting names mixed up.