Write Down and Store Notes and Ideas

When a thought hits your mind, write it down in AceText. When you come across useful information on a web site or in a document, copy and paste or drag and drop it into AceText. Never again forget a good idea or lose a scrap of paper with valuable notes.

Use AceText's full-featured text editor to take notes and write down ideas at any time. Quickly jot down a brief thought, or hold a long brainstorming session writing down, organizing and sorting out ideas. Easily store web site addresses, text snippets or even whole documents. Drag and drop or paste them directly into an AceText collection. Move or copy previously captured text from the ClipHistory and other AceText collections.

Recall and dismiss AceText at your whim with a single key press or mouse click, without worrying about saving. AceText automatically saves anything you collect. Instantly search or filter through one or more collection of notes to quickly dig up the information you need.