Speed Up Writing and Developing

Write emails, reports and documents faster, or develop web sites and software more quickly by storing common blocks of text, formatting tags or source code snippets in AceText. Press the AcePaste hotkey to pop up AceText while you're working with your text editor (or any other application). Double-click a clip to paste it directly into your editor, and continue working with your editor right away.

Assign abbreviations or mnemonics to your text snippets, and use AceType to quickly insert the snippets into your editor by typing in the abbreviations. AceText shows a list of clips with abbreviations, filtering them as you type, so forgetting an abbreviation won't slow you down. All without lifting your hands off the keyboard or interrupting your flow while writing or editing.

If you have a large monitor, make the AceText Tower permanently visible next to your editor. Reuse text snippets or copy snippets into AceText simply by dragging and dropping them with the mouse.