Share Collections

Select Share Collections in the Help menu to download AceText collections shared by others, or to upload your own collections. A new window will pop up. AceText will connect to the Internet immediately to download the list of available collections. If your computer can only access the internet via a proxy server, click the Settings button in the lower left corner of the screen to enter your proxy server's settings.

The Download tab shows all available collections, including the ones you uploaded. The list shows the collection's title, the file name used by the author, how many clips it contains, who shared it, when it was first shared and when it was last updated. Click on a collection to get a more detailed description, and the author's name and email address (if provided by the author). Click the Download button to download the selected scheme.

The Share tab shows the collections that you previously uploaded. AceText automatically uses your AceText license to identify you. You can check your license details in the about box. To share a collection, select its file, and enter a title and your name. You can also enter your email address and web site URL if you want. In the Description box, explain what your collection is about. Click the Upload button to upload it. If you select a collection you previously uploaded, AceText will fill out all the fields with what you entered when you uploaded that collection. This way you can easily update a previously shared collection, or use the same details for another one. If you upload a collection with the same file name as a collection you already shared, the newly uploaded collection will replace the old one. If you upload a collection with another file name, it will be added as a new collection, even if you give it the same title or description as another one. Click the Delete button to stop sharing a collection.

AceText downloads and uploads in the background. The Progress tab shows all collections in the queue, and recently completed transfers. If an error occurs, AceText will not pop up a message box. The Progress tab will indicate the error.