Appearance Preferences

Click on the Preferences button in the main toolbar to access the preferences screen. On the Appearance page, you can change the looks and colors of AceText to better suit your taste and level of eyesight.

Menu Bar, Toolbar and Status Bar

You can choose whether you want to use the menu bar, the toolbars, or both. The menu bar can be easily accessed with Alt+Letter keyboard shortcuts. The toolbars provide direct access to the commands with a single mouse click. A few commands from the Collection menu don't have toolbar buttons. You can access those with the mouse by right-clicking on a collection's tab.

If you have a high resolution monitor and the toolbar buttons are too small, turn on "large toolbar icons". The large icons are 50% larger than the standard ones. You can also choose whether the toolbars should use a fancy gradient background, or a flat background. This is purely a matter of taste.

The status bar is the horizontal bar at the bottom of the AceText Editor. It shows helpful hints while you move the mouse pointer over different areas of AceText. It also shows the number of clips in the active collection, and the length of the active clip.

Editor for editing the text or binary data of a clip

Turn on the option "highlight URLs and email addresses" to make them clickable. They will become underlined and highlighted in a different color. Click the URL button to change the color.

Turn on "visualize spaces and tabs" to clearly see where you have typed a space or a tab. Spaces are indicated by a small dot, vertically centered on the line. Tabs are indicated by a guillemot ».

Turn on "show paragraph markers" to clearly see where you have terminated a line or paragraph by pressing Enter. Each line break is indicated by a ¶ symbol.

Turn on "pressing Tab inserts spaces instead of tab characters" if you want the Tab key on the keyboard to insert the equivalent number of spaces rather than an actual tab character. Use the "tab size in spaces" setting to specify the width of a tab. This option affects both the display width of tab characters in your clips as well as the number of spaces inserted by the Tab key, if you enabled that option. Since the width of a tab is a multiple of the width of a space, tabbed text will only line up in AceText when using a monospaced font.

Click the Misspelled Word button to select the color used to mark misspelled words as you type. You can toggle this function on and off with the Live Spell Check button on the main toolbar.

Persistent Selections

The "persistent selections" option changes how selections behave inside the editors for editing a clip's text. By default, this option is off and selections will behave like in most other Windows applications. When you move the text cursor, by pressing a key on the keyboard or clicking somewhere with the mouse, the selection will disappear. When you type in some text or pasting from the clipboard, the selected text will be replaced by the text you typed in or pasted.

When selections are persistent, moving the text cursor will not cause the selection to disappear. Also, typing in text or pasting text will not delete the selected text. The typed or pasted text will be inserted at the position of the text cursor, whether that is outside the selection, at the edge of the selection, or inside the selection. If it is inside the selection, the selection will be expanded to include both the text originally selected and the newly entered text.

Text Layout

In AceText, a "text layout" is a combination of settings that control how text is displayed and how the text cursor navigates through that text. The settings include the font, text direction, text cursor behavior, which characters are word characters, and how the text should be spaced.

You can specify three different text layouts. These are used in different situations:

You can select predefined text layouts from the drop-down lists. Or, you can click the Edit button to show the Text Layout Configuration window to customize the text layouts.

Clip Tree

The clip tree font is used for the clip tree listing all the clips in the collection. Select a font face from the drop-down list and specify its size in points. Click the Background and Text buttons to select the colors for the clip tree. Click "Default" in the color picker if you want to use the default window colors specified in the Windows Control Panel.

Download Spell Check Dictionaries

AceText's Live Spell Check will only work if you have previously downloaded and installed Just Great Software spell checker dictionaries. Click the Download Spell Checker Dictionaries button to download some or all of the spell check dictionaries free of charge.