AceText Tab Pages

The row of tabs in the AceText Editor enables you to switch between different AceText collections. When you open a collection, or create a new one, a new tab will appear for that collection. If you open many collections, and the tabs no longer fit on one row, three buttons will appear at the right hand edge of the row of tabs. You can scroll the tabs with the left and right arrow buttons. The downward arrow button shows a popup menu from which you can select the tab you want to activate.

You can rearrange the tabs by clicking on a tab with the mouse, holding the mouse button down, and moving the mouse pointer to the left or the right. If you move the mouse pointer to the edge of the row of tabs, the tabs will scroll if there are more tabs than fit in the row.

You can quickly switch tabs with the keyboard. Press Ctrl+Tab or Shift+Ctrl+Tab to cycle through the tabs. Press Alt+1 to activate the leftmost tab, Alt+2 to activate the second tab, Alt+3 for the third, etc. Alt+0 activates the tenth tab.

There are four standard tabs, that fulfill special functions in AceText:

All the other tabs are AceText Collection tabs.

You can configure the looks and behavior of the tabs in the Tabs Preferences.