AceText as an Instant Message and Chat Assistant

Many people use cryptic abbreviations when instant messaging and chatting, just because they cannot type any faster. With AceText, you can impress people with complete and correctly spelled sentences, without slowing down or getting your fingers in a bind.

Simply prepare colorful messages such as “I’ll be back in a minute. Don’t be a stranger now!” and assign them AceType abbreviations such as “brb”. When chatting, press the AceType hotkey and type “brb” to send out the colorful note instead of the boring acronym, using only one additional key press. Impress people with your courteous or funny messages, with little or no extra effort.

Use multiple AceText collections with the same abbreviations but different messages, for different days of the week, moods or weather conditions. Bring variety and brighten up the day of your correspondents!

You can even keep AceText and your instant messaging software or web site visible at the same time. Then you can chat simply by double-clicking on the messages you’ve prepared in AceText. And with AceText’s live spell checker, you don’t have to worry about spelling mistakes.

Make people feel valued by personalizing your messages, such as frequently mentioning their name or company. Enter a few personal details before or during the start of the chat, and instantly reuse them during the chat, even as part of longer messages. Never embarrass yourself by mistyping your contact’s name or getting names mixed up.

Get your own copy of AceText, and people will be impressed with your new-found eloquence.

Get Your Job Done Faster and Smarter with AceText

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