AceText Testimonials—What The People Say

Bas Belma

“I find AceText a fantastic useful piece of software. Having used many ‘clipboard’ apps, this one beats them all!”

9 February 2021, The Netherlands

John Craggs

“I use AceText extensively, refer to it as my magic clipboard, and suggest people should use it at every opportunity. I’d be lost without my EditPad and AceText.”

6 February 2009—5 years later, when his PC died:

“AceText has been such a useful tool to me over the years as a working writer. It’s my ‘magic clipboard’ and I’ve been lost without it over the last few days.”

8 September 2014, United Kingdom—another 6 years later:

“I’ve been using AceText since at least 2004, possibly earlier. It’s a wonderful tool and it’s become such a part of my everyday use I use it almost without thinking. Over the years I’ve built up an impressive collection of collections ;-)”

“I’m a writer not a computer bod, which is another reason I like AceText so much. It just works ;-).”

10 February 2020, United Kingdom

Park Hyeyoung

“AceText is a great tool. At first I found it a bit unintuitive, but after playing around with it for about an hour or so, its usefulness became very apparent. Thanks for this great tool.”

24 December 2019, South Korea

Clay Cundick

“After all the systems I’ve used to try to keep track of my computing activities, AceText finally wins—and I’m not yet using half of what it can do. It’s fast, always there, and exceedingly convenient—and it’s never crashed or lost my data. My personal computing activity logs are now actually quite complete (my aging memory needs crutches)—when it was less convenient, these necessary activity logs were simply not nearly complete enough.”

31 December 2016, Utah, USA

Jim McFadden

“I want to tell you how great I think AceText is. I’ve been a user for several years. I use it constantly every day and find it absolutely invaluable. I don’t see how people get by without a clipboard manager and this is the best I’ve found.”

30 June 2015, Tennessee, USA

Edward Mesa

“I tried a couple of free clip managers because I saw some value in the concept but wasn’t sure I could use one enough to justify the cost. Then I got the AceText trial. It was easier to use than the others I tried, and also never crashed. It just worked, and I began to see more uses for it. So I bought it. And now I’m working on another huge project, with AceText for the first time and I keep adding to it and getting more and more use out of it. AceText is very much worth the cost, as it just saves me time over my old workflow.”

12 June 2014, Oklahoma, USA

Tony R. Stirk

“Let me tell you this: as a software developer for over 20 years I have (like us all) my favorite tools. Two in particular I use extensively every day; AceText is one of them. Well done!”

15 January 2014, Kansas, USA

Doug Johnson

“I just wanted to say after using this product for almost a year that it is a phenomenal tool. I use it daily and it saves me an incredible amount of time as a powerful clipboard extender and a general information organizer. I can’t imaging working without it now. Thanks for a fine product.”

22 March 2012, Florida, USA

Neil Martin

“I’d just like to add that use RegexBuddy and AceText and I have to say what great products they both are. I’ve been earning a living as a self-employed ‘jobbing developer’ for the past 11 years and my small investment into these products as been returned hundreds of times over.”

6 February 2012, United Kingdom

Dwayne E. Childers

“I purchased AceText a few weeks ago, and it is already well integrated with the way I work. The concept is so simple, it’s the way that Copy & Paste should have been designed, to begin with. There are very few keystrokes involved, for a marked increase in productivity. Some of the tasks which you would consciously have to perform with a PIM, are done transparently in the background, but much more conveniently. I’m so sorry I didn’t Google this years ago.”

8 January 2011, New York, USA

David Mawdsley

“I’ve used EditPad and AceText for nearly 6 years and this is the first time I have had to ask for support. I’ve always thought that the products were superb but now I can also say that the support is first class.”

27 June 2010, United Kingdom

Wai Ho

“AceText has been an indispensable tool for me ever since I start using it more than 2 years ago. AceText has been excellent time saver and the only documentation tool for my daily work.”

13 April 2010, Ontario, Canada

Dave Sellers

“I love, love, love this program. I spent this past weekend reading the docs and found so many more features I wasn’t using. Woohoo! Great work!”

3 March 2010, California, USA

Panagiotis Kanellis

“Great software, people. I am using both EditPad Pro and AceText. Can’t do without them. I wanted a new laptop for home use and I was thinking of buying a Mac. Sole reason I bought a Windows machine is that I had to have both EditPad and AceText sitting on my desktop. Wasn’t feeling comfortable otherwise.”

7 October 2009, Greece

Gavin Smits

“Thank you for developing such great programs! All the ones I own I literally use on a daily basis.”

“The one that surprised me the most was AceText. I wasn’t sure how useful it would be, but once I started using it the possibilities seem endless!”

24 October 2008, Texas, USA

Adam Thompson

“Regarding your software: It is awesome. You hit all of the important features - I’m repeatedly impressed because it seems like you have ‘anticipated’ every good use of your software. For example, closing an empty EditPad Pro window doesn’t ask for a save. AceText, the entire application, is an another example; totally useful and well-designed. RegexBuddy accomplishes things I’ve never seen in any other regex software. I hope you’re making tons of money - you deserve it for these wonderful products you’ve produced. So far I’ve purchased RegexBuddy, then AceText, and soon EditPad Pro. I’m going to try PowerGREP just based on how useful your other software is.”

28 February 2008, California, USA

Steve Greiner

“When I first bought Ace Text, I didn’t use it very much, but it’s become something that is integral to my work habits - it’s an incredibly useful tool, and a great product!”

25 March 2007, California, USA

John Eckstein

“I used the demo version for a short time, and just today purchased AceText. Thank you so much for making this product. It is so nice to see the thought and attention to detail that went into coding this very useful utility. I have been an Info Select user for years, but just found that Info Select became bloated with lots of ‘features’ that made the software overly complicated”

28 June 2006, California, USA

Marten Gallagher

“I’ve said it all before but I will say it again: your dedication to improvements that are truly functional, practical and responsive to user suggestions and wishes by far excels any other software house I have ever had anything to do with.”

“Marten Gallagher, Annery Kiln Web Design

22 March 2006, United Kingdom

Jimmy Lee Shreeve

“It’s such a good program. I’m using it right now, as a journalist, to fire out new ideas for newspapers. I think you’d find a lot of writers would use it if they were aware how it fits the way they operate.”

“This is an invaluable app for writers. Keep up the good work!”

8 September 2005, Utah, USA

Dave Marney

“AceText is simply amazing—the best productivity boost I’ve had in many a year! And best of all, at long last I can use very long, randomly-generated passwords for my critical accounts IDs without suffering any pain.”

“You’ve won another happy customer!”

24 February 2005, Virginia, USA

Peter Suber

“Thanks again for your quick and personal reply. I send suggestions to the makers of all the software I use, and you are the only one to send personal replies.”

“AceText is terrific. I’m growing more dependent on it and filling it up with useful clips.”

20 September 2004, Maine, USA

Mark Vedder

“By the way, thanks for v4. The syntax highlighting has been something I’ve been looking forward to. And I’m loving it. And AcePure is awesome. I used to have a workflow of copying a clip, opening AceText and using Ctrl+Enter to recopy the clip in order to remove formatting, and then pasting into my target app. (Or in MS Office apps having to use the ‘paste as text’ option.) AcePure eliminates all that hassle. Lots of other nice improvements as well.”

19 February 2021, New York, USA

Pat Flanagan

“Although I am now retired, I spent over a decade developing and supporting software for Cisco Systems in the US. I understand the complexities involved and have been impressed with the software and support quality of Just Great Software products. As a result, I’m a devoted fan of your company’s products. Many thanks to you and others. I’ve not found another company (and I use many) that is as professional.”

31 January 2019, Texas, USA

Axel Stoecker

“I’ve been running the trial version of AceText for a few days only. But I know already that I will place my order next month. What an amazing application. Supremely useful and well-structured. Even as a stand-alone program, and to work together with any text-heavy application or task. But even more so in conjunction with EditPad Pro. In many ways AceText made me take care of a tremendous backlog of projects that had accumulated—and put the fun back into computing in the process.”

20 December 2015—10 months later:

“Excellent news about the XML-based file format of the collections. AceText rocks, I could not even imagine my computing life without it anymore. AceText is so many things to me—it even has become my Personal Information Manager!”

25 October 2016, Germany

John Millhone

“I must say it is clear that you have sweated the details to streamline work flow. Very nice, very refined.”

10 June 2015, California, USA

Ivan Garcia

“I saw that the issue with the collections not unlocking automatically got fixed in the last patch. Much appreciated. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have a developer who takes the time to smooth out little details like that. Individually each little fix like this one might feel insignificant, but added together they make the difference between software that you merely tolerate and software that is a pleasure to use.”

4 November 2014, Virginia, USA

Dan Nissenbaum

“I find this program to be indispensable for my professional programming work, maintaining detailed, ongoing work notes for multiple clients. Unlike pretty much every other ‘notes organizer’ in existence, AceText isn’t about ribbon bars and fancy text formatting, attached documents, graphics, and web clips. You can’t even make text bold in AceText. But those limitations don’t matter. For hands-on, rapid, detailed, and complex work notes for organizing multiple projects, AceText simply is the best software I’ve ever used. It does the right things well.”

24 February 2013, Massachusetts, USA

Fabio Vitale

“Let me say that EditPad Pro and AceText are two of the best pieces of software I’ve come across during my career as a software developer since 1982, period!”

“I’m a Delphi developer since its version 1.0 and I know how difficult is to think the right architecture for any piece of software: in AceText even the registration mechanism is perfect: I do not even need to think about registration, my downloads are already registered to me! This is simply genial!”

“The fact that the JGsoft forums are accessible from within their software is genial too: I do not need to open my web browser: I simply click on the forum icon in AceText and I’m right logged in into all JGsoft forums, without interrupting what I’m doing!”

“So in the end: thank you for having created such great pieces of software!”

7 December 2012, Italy

Andrei Ochmat

“I am using Ace Text since a long time for a wide variety of tasks. This tool boosts my productivity to levels that were unthinkable before.”

13 April 2011, Brazil

Allen Chen

“I have been a long time user of AceText and it has become an indispensable tool for me. It’s small file size, strong password protection, and quick search are three most important features.”

1 February 2011, New York, USA

Charles Rutledge

“AceText is one of those apps you can’t do without once you have it.”

4 July 2010, Alabama, USA

Terry Constant

“AceText is quickly becoming a utility that I use constantly. It is well done.”

14 May 2010, Texas, USA

Diane Greenberg

“As always, you are so prompt to help. And I wish to convey how much I appreciate both EditPad Pro and AceText. They have been programs that I use almost every day and I truly rely on these great software programs.”

18 February 2010, California, USA

Peter Walters

“This product is slick! I’ve tried to accomplish the same thing with other ‘clipbook’ tools, but this one actually gets it done. Now I can create a snippet repository for code that is not specific to any one language or IDE. I highly recommend it (I got the EditPad Pro bundle) to any multi-language developer who want to leverage algorithms across platforms. Keep up the good work!”

25 April 2009, California, USA

Gary W. Frost

“I purchased AceText along with EditPad Pro last year. First, I LOVE the two programs. They save me a ton of time when I’m programming the same repetitive same repetitive stuff over and over again.”

28 October 2008, Utah, USA

Ray Wollek

“Just wanted to tell you that I believe you have one of the finest products out there for capturing data with AceText. I am a production assurance manager for a large bank and it’s important for me to capture and organize data quickly, clearly, and ‘on the fly’. With AceText I can do that, and more, effortlessly. I keep all my notes in tabs, can search back through an extremely comprehensive clip history, and gather data for publishing faster now than I could with just a text editor. I think I’m one of the few people who come to work without a pen or pencil. With AceText you don’t need one!”

30 May 2008, Illinois, USA

Tim Kalbas

“AceText is my lifeline. I am an IT web server engineer, and I use it to organize my work and my life. I love the tool!”

26 February 2008, Illinois, USA

Paul Petterson

“I evaluated AceText for 1 day and decided I had to have it. Wonderful program, very useful, so handy to manage all the little clips and snips I end up saving here and there… I think it’s already paid for itself 2 or three times over in just the first week I’ve been using it.”

23 July 2007, Washington, USA

Drew Gordon

“I really like AceText. I’ve been using it for a couple months and now and can’t do without it. I especially like how I can run it from my USB Drive.”

21 September 2006, California, USA

Pekka Heikkinen

“I bought an AceText license from you a few weeks back, and I’ve been extremely happy with the purchase. It has essentially become THE software for all my writing, planning and notetaking. I’ve only said good things about it to my fellow students. Just like the Moleskine in my pocket, it’s hard to imagine working on computer without it any more.”

27 April 2006, Finland

Peter Jinks

“I’ve recently purchased AceText and I’m finding it very useful indeed! All of those little notes I had lying around on scraps of paper are now in AceText instead! It’s a very useful repository for lots of my lists of information too.”

20 February 2006, United Kingdom

Dermot Fitzpatrick

“Just wanted to thank you for a great piece of software. I wish I had bought it months ago. I am really bad at writing down ideas and things, but AceText makes it a pleasure. I am also using it as a code library for my Lua and VB code. It has so many uses.”

“A great piece of software. I will be recommending it to everyone. Keep up the good work.”

28 March 2005, British Columbia, Canada

Guy-Laurent Vaney

“After several years of waiting - testing and using various multi-clipboard tools; here is finally the program that I looked for! Thank you to have achieved it. ;-)”

“I am going to be able to archive my former program: the not to very convenient ‘Microsoft ClipTray’.”

20 January 2005, France

Bob Easton

“Only a few weeks ago I replaced an old tired multi-clipboard tool with M8, a somewhat newer tool that wasn’t entirely delightful.”

“Now, you come along with AceText and I find it superior to other multi-clipboard tools, and absolutely delightful to use. What could I do? I wrote off M8 and bought AceText.”

“Thanks for a fine line of products!”

1 September 2004, New York, USA

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