Split Clips

The Split Clips button is only available on the collection toolbar when the ClipHistory tab, the All Collections tab, or an AceText Collection tab is active.

Click the Split Clips button on the collection toolbar to split one or more clips into multiple clips. The selected clips will be deleted and replaced with the clips they were split into.

When you click the Split Clips button, you will be asked which characters AceText should interpret as delimiters in the original clips. A delimiter can be a single character or a string of characters. Those delimiters will be deleted, and the bits of text between them will be stored in new clips. E.g. to split a clip holding a comma-delimited list of items, select the comma as the delimiter. AceText will then create a new clip for each item in the comma-delimited list.

To split more complicated clips, you can use a regular expression. AceText can apply the regular expression in two ways. If you select the "split" option, AceText will delete each regular expression match. The bits of text between two matches (as well as the bits before the first and after the last match) will be stored in new clips. E.g. splitting along the regular expression [;,] will treat both semicolons and commas as delimiters.

If you select the regular expression "match" option, AceText will find all regex matches in the clip, and store each match into a new clip. Parts of the original clip not matched by the regular expression will be discarded. E.g. splitting a clip matching the regular expression \w+ will extract all the words from the clip, putting each word into a new clip. Punctuation and whitespace will be discarded.

Click the downward pointing arrow next to the Split Clips button to quickly split clips using one of the common delimiters.

See Manage and Arrange Text to learn how to use AceText.