Search Options

Click the Search Options button in the lower right corner of the AceText Editor or AceText Tower, or press Ctrl+F3 on the keyboard, to toggle various options affecting the search and replace commands in AceText.

Regular Expression

Turn on this option if you want to search for a regular expression rather than for a simple word or phrase.

Dot Matches Newline

When searching for a regular expression, you can turn on this option to make the dot match all characters, including line breaks. By default, the dot matches all characters except line break characters.

Case Sensitive

Turn on this option to make AceText treat the uppercase and lowercase variant of the same letter as different characters. When the "case sensitive" option is on, the search term "dog" will only match "dog". It won't match "DOG" or "Dog" or "DoG". When the option is off, searching for any of these 4 variants will find all 4.

Adapt Case

When the "case sensitive" option is off, you can turn on the "adapt case" option to make AceText adapt the case of the replacement text to that of the search term. E.g. when searching for "dog" and replacing with "cat", AceText will replace "Dog" with "Cat" and "DOG" with "CAT" when the "adapt case" option is on. If the option is off, all matches of "dog" regardless of their capitalization will be replaced with "cat", as you entered it. AceText recognizes and adapts to all uppercase (SEARCH TERM), all lowercase (search term), first capital (Search term) and first capital for each word (Search Term). If the search match uses another kind of capitalization, the replacement text is not adapted, and used as you entered it.

Whole Words Only

By default, AceText will find all occurrences of the search term, even if as a part of another word. E.g. searching for "cat" will match the first three letters in "category". If you turn on the "whole words only" option, "cat" will only match the word "cat". "Category" won't be matched.

All Clips in This Collection

By default, the Find First, Find Previous, Find Next, Replace Current and Find Previous, Replace Current and Find Next and Replace All commands on the AceText Editor only work on the active clip. If you turn on the "all clips in this collection" option, they'll search through all clips in the collection.

The Find First Clip, Find Previous Clip, Find Next Clip and Filter Clips commands that you find on the AceText Tower always search through all clips in the collection, regardless of this option.

All Clips in All Collections

By default, all search commands only work on the clips in the active collection. Turn on "all clips in all collections" to search through all the clips in all the collections that you have opened in AceText.

Loop Automatically

Turn on this option to make the search restart from the beginning (or the end when searching backwards) when the search term cannot be found.