All Collections Tab

The All Collections tab lists all the clips in all AceText collections that you have opened. The clips and folders are sorted alphabetically by their labels. Note that clips from the ClipHistory and recycle bin are not listed on the All Collections tab. Only clips stored in AceText collections are.

The primary purpose of the All Collections tab is to make it easy to find a clip, even if you do not remember into which collection you stored it. The All Collections tab is also the best place to use AceType. It enables you to store clips in separate collections, for easier editing and updating, yet use AceType with all of the clips, without having to switch between the collections.

Use the AceText Tower if you want to see more clips than the tree view on the All Collections tab page can show in its limited space. See Look up and Reuse Text to learn how to use AceText.

The toolbar on the All Collections tab page shows the following buttons:

Duplicate Clips
Move Clips
Merge Clips
Delete Clips


Copy to Clipboard

Insert and Extract Text

Case Conversion

Reformat Text