Take Notes, Write Down Ideas and Save Clippings

When a thought hits your mind, write it down in AceText. When you come across useful information on a web site or in a document, copy and paste or drag and drop it into AceText. Never again forget a good idea or lose a scrap of paper with valuable notes.

Use AceText’s full-featured text editor to take notes and write down ideas at any time. Quickly jot down a brief thought, or hold a long brainstorming session writing down, organizing and sorting out ideas. Easily store web site addresses, text snippets or even whole documents. Drag and drop or paste them directly into an AceText collection. Move or copy previously captured text from the clipboard history and other AceText collections.

Recall and dismiss AceText at your whim with a single key press or mouse click, without worrying about saving. AceText automatically saves anything you collect. Instantly search or filter through one or more collection of notes to quickly dig up the information you need.

Get Your Job Done Faster and Smarter with AceText

Only US$ 39.95
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11
32-bit & 64-bit
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“After all the systems I’ve used to try to keep track of my computing activities, AceText finally wins—and I’m not yet using half of what it can do. It’s fast, always there, and exceedingly convenient—and it’s never crashed or lost my data. My personal computing activity logs are now actually quite complete—when it was less convenient, these necessary activity logs were simply not nearly complete enough.”
— Clay Cundick
  31 December 2016, Utah, USA
“I find this program to be indispensable for my professional programming work, maintaining detailed, ongoing work notes for multiple clients. Unlike pretty much every other “notes organizer” in existence, AceText isn’t about ribbon bars and fancy text formatting, attached documents, graphics, and web clips. You can’t even make text bold in AceText. But those limitations don’t matter. For hands-on, rapid, detailed, and complex work notes for organizing multiple projects, AceText simply is the best software I’ve ever used. It does the right things well.”
— Dan Nissenbaum
  24 February 2013, Massachusetts, USA
“I’ve recently purchased AceText and I’m finding it very useful indeed! All of those little notes I had lying around on scraps of paper are now in AceText instead! It’s a very useful repository for lots of my lists of information too.”
— Peter Jinks
  20 February 2006, United Kingdom