Carry Your Notes and Text Snippets with You Wherever You Go and Use Them On Any Computer

AceText is the only advanced Windows clipboard manager and text snippet organizer that you can carry with you on a USB stick, flash memory card, portable hard drive, or other removable device. This way you can use AceText on any computer into which you can insert the removable device, without leaving any traces of AceText on that computer.

No more frustration when traveling or using public computers. Carry your favorite clipboard manager and all of your text snippets together on one USB stick, memory card or disk so you can reuse your text snippets or collect more anywhere you go.

AceText 3 and 4 run on any computer with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, or 11. AceText 2 also supports Windows 98, ME, NT4, and 2000. AceText does not require any DLLs or other stuff to be available. Your copy of AceText.exe is all that’s needed.

Only US$ 39.95
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11
32-bit & 64-bit
100% satisfied or money back
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How to Create Your Own Portable Copy of AceText

If you have not done so already, download your licensed copy of AceText. (If you still need to buy your copy, do so now for only US$ 39.95.) The free evaluation version can’t be made portable, since it couldn’t track the 30-day evaluation period without leaving any traces on the computer it’s used on.

A single user AceText license allows you to install AceText on your PC(s) and on your USB stick(s) at the same time, as long as you are the only person using the computer(s) and USB stick(s) you have installed AceText on. You only need a multi-user license if two or more people will be using AceText.

Insert the USB stick, memory card or other removable disk or device into your computer. If you have AceText installed on your hard disk, run it and select the Create Portable Installation item in the Help menu. AceText will then copy itself along with your configuration settings to the device. Support files like spell check dictionaries will be copied over too.

If you do not have AceText installed on your hard disk, run the licensed installer that you downloaded and select Create Portable Installation in the installer. This creates a clean install of AceText on the device.

To run AceText from the removable device, simply point Windows Explorer to the AceText folder on the device and double-click AceText.exe. AceText will automatically know it’s being run from a removable device, and won’t touch anything on the host computer. Except for files you explicitly save on it, of course.

“I really like AceText. I’ve been using it for a couple months and now and can’t do without it. I especially like how I can run it from my USB Drive.”
— Drew Gordon
  21 September 2006, California, USA

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