Keyboard Shortcuts

Most of the commands available in the main toolbar and the collection toolbar have keyboard shortcuts associated with them. The editor box where you can edit the text held by a clip recognizes many additional text editing keyboard shortcuts not listed here.

Main toolbar

Ctrl+N                New AceText Collection
Ctrl+W                Close AceText Collection

Ctrl+O                Open AceText Collection
Ctrl+S                Save AceText Collection
Ctrl+P                Print AceText Collection

Shift+F5              SequencePaste Up
F5                    SequencePaste Down

F8                    AceText Editor
Ctrl+F8               AceText Tower

F12                   Live Spell Check

Collection toolbar

Shift+F4              New Folder
F4                    New Clip
Ctrl+D                Duplicate Clips
Ctrl+M                Move Clips
Shift+Ctrl+Up         Move Up
Shift+Ctrl+Down       Move Down
Ctrl+G                Merge Clips
Del                   Delete Clips

Shift+Ctrl+C          Copy to Clipboard
Shift+Ctrl+V          Paste as New Clip
Shift+Ctrl+O          Create Clip from Text File

Shift+Ctrl+D          Duplicate Text into New Clip
Shift+Ctrl+M          Move Text into New Clip
Shift+Ctrl+S          Save Text

Shift+Ctrl+U          Upper Case
Shift+Ctrl+L          Lower Case

Ctrl+T                Trim Whitespace
Shift+Ctrl+T          Trim Whitespace from Paragraphs

Keyboard navigation

Ctrl+Tab              Activate the next tab
Shift+Ctrl+Tab        Activate the previous tab

Alt+1 through Alt+0   Activate tabs 1 through 10, counting from left to right

F9                    Focus Editor
Ctrl+F9               Focus Clip Tree

Ctrl+Arrow Up         Select previous item
Ctrl+Arrow Down       Select next item